Where’s the Fire?

Playing with fire and smoke for this creatively cool photo shoot. Last summer when visiting the nearest Bob’s Fireworks stand, I stocked up on colored smoke bombs. I always admire photos that incorporate smoke or a smoke effect; although I prefer that “smoke effect” to be authentic. I plan on doing more shoots with different types of smoke in different environments at some point. I just love the way smoke wisps through the air at times but then others it just sits before your eyes until you’re encompassed in a cloud. When it wisps around, you have only moments to capture it’s essence and beauty as it dances about.

Starting with colored smoke bombs in a heavily wooded area back in early Spring, these photos came to be. This wasn’t a particularly warm day and there was a bit of wind at times, thus the clouds of smoke weren’t as vivid.



Senioritis at it’s Finest

Being a December graduate changes the time table. You’ll be entering the real world at the start of a fresh new year after finishing up your college career just in time for the winter holidays. The time when you step out into the world and say “look at me!” What you want “those people in the real world” to see is a strong, confident, independent individual that isn’t afraid to jump in head first to any given task. This graduate especially; not a fan of heights but not afraid to go above and beyond to show us what she’s got. This is only the first half of this senior’s portraits shoot. (More photos to come this Fall.)

It may be summer, but you’ve got graduation on your mind. The time will be here sooner than we think, so it’s never too early to get some awesome senior portraits in. (And yes sometimes those pictures happen over four-stories up on top of a parking garage. Caution is always exercised and never experienced alone.)