Taking New Heights

When it comes to art, there’s so many different ways you can approach it. So many different depths into each masterpiece can make a person feel overwhelmed in their typical element. Thus taking on new heights becomes more of an attainable goal to be reaching beyond what you are used to and taking a new spin on things. Whether you are reaching above your past goals, overcoming some of life’s everyday obstacles, or physically changing your location to new heights; it is important to step out of your comfort zone sometimes.

This past photo shoot took more of an explorer aspect as new grounds were forged among friends. Climbing our way up an almost 90 degree incline with only our little hands and strong legs, we uncovered some beautiful things just beyond our typical horizons. We had a blast climbing around and exploring a new place as well as relieving some stresses of our own.

*WARNING: We were extremely cautious during this climbing adventure. Please only hike with a trusted buddy.


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